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    nhr-62 Overexpression Wild-type (N2) worms with extrachromosomal array dhEx627 (carrying a wild-type nhr-62) exhibit a significant increase in lifespan compared to wild-type (p<0.001) [Heestand et al. 2013]. Worm
    mir-239 overexpression Overexpressing mir-239 decreases mean and maximum lifespan by 13 and 17 - 33%, respectively [21129974]. Worm -13 -17 to -33
    mir-246 overexpression mir-246 overexpression increases mean and maximum lifespan by 6 and 5 - 14%, respectively [21129974]. Worm +6.3 +4.8 to +14.3
    mir-71 overexpression Gain-of-function of mir-71 increases lifespan [21129974]. Extra copies of mir-71 extend the lifespan with an increase in lifespan by 15 - 25% [22482727], Worm +15 to +25
    lin-4 overexpression Overexpressing lin-4 extends lifespan [16373574]. Worm
    jnk-1 overexpression Overexpression of jnk-1 increases lifespan by 40% [15767565; 23097426]. JNK-1 overexpression extends the lifespan in a daf-16-dependent manner. JNK-1 overexpression does not extend the lifespan of animals unable to synthesize miRNAs, i.e. pash-1(mj100) [23097426]. Worm +40
    lin-14 gain-of-function mutation A gain-of-function mutation in lin-14 decreases lifespan [16373574]. Worm
    SIR-2.4 overexpression Overexpression of SIR-2.4 does not change the mean or maximum lifespan of wild-type nor the ncreased lifespan of daf-2(e1370) mutants [Tishkoff et al. 2012]. Worm
    cst-1 overexpression Overexpression of cst-1 extends lifespan and delays aging in a daf-16-dependent manner [16751106]. Worm
    abu-11 overexpression Overexpression of abu-11 extends mean lifespan by 9% to 28% [16256736]. Worm +9 to +28
    Coq7 overexpression Transgenic overexpression of mouse Coq7 reverts the extended lifespan of clk-1 mutants [11511092]. Worm
    tdp-1 overexpression tdp-1 overexpression strains have a reduced lifespan at 20 and 25 degree Celsius [Vaccaro et al. 2012]. Worm
    aak-2 constitutive active mutation A constitutive active mutation of aak-2 is sufficient to cause increase stress resistance as well as to significantly extend lifespan. Both increased stress resistance and extended lifespan is reverted in daf-16 knockdown by RNAi [17900900]. Worm
    clk-1 overexpression Overexpression of clk-1 shortens lifespan and is associated with increased mitochondrial activity [10202142]. Worm
    pha-4 overexpression pha-4 overexpression increases longevity of wild-type only slightly, but significant that of daf-16 mutants [17476212]. Worm
    Overexpression of constitutive nuclear DAF-16 Overexpression of constitutive nuclear forms of DAF-16 increases lifespan only slightly [11381260]. Worm
    wwp-1 overexpression wwp-1 overexpression extends lifespan by up to 20%. RNAi reduction of pha-4, but not of daf-16 suppresses increased longevity by wwp-1 overexpression [19553937]. Worm +20
    wwp-1 RNAi RNA interference of wwp-1 decreases median lifespan by 9% in wild-type animals and 24% in daf-2 mutants [18006689]. Loss of wwp-1 function by RNAi reduces lifespan at 25 degree Celsius, but not 20 degree Celsius. Reduced levels of wwp-1 completely suppress the extended longevity of eat-2 mutants. wwp-1 RNAi does not suppress the extended lifespan of isp-1 mutants and has only minor suppressive effects on lifespan of another mitochondrial mutant, clk-1, and in cyc-1 RNAi treated worms. RNAi depletion of wwp-1 has no effect on long lifespan of daf-2 mutants [19553937]. Worm -9
    aqp-1 overexpression Overexpression of aqp-1::GFP rescues short lifespan of aqp-1 deletion mutants and partially prevented glucose from shortening lifespan. Worm
    ubc-18 overexpression ubc-18 overexpression is unable to extend lifespan (possibly, UBC-18 is not limiting for WWP-1 function in lifespan) [19553937]. Worm
    pnc-1 overexpression Overexpression of pnc-1 increases adult survival under oxidative stress but does not extend the lifespan [17335870]. Worm
    unc-78 mutation Mutation in unc-78 has no effect on lifespan [9789046]. unc-78 mutants move slowly [7190524]. Worm
    Activating let-60 mutation The let-60(n1046gf) activating mutation greatly reduces lifespan of wild-type, weakly suppresses constitutive dauer diapause in daf-2 and age-1 mutants and extends lifespan induced by mutation of daf-2 [16164423]. Worm
    ins-1 overexpression Increased dosage of ins-1 under its own promoter as well as a heat shock promoter increases lifespan by 25% and is also able to increase the lifespan of daf-2 mutants. Overexpression of ins-1 also causes an increase in dauer formation and can enhance the dauer formation of daf-2 mutants [11274053]. Worm +25
    INS overexpression Expression of human insulin under an inducible heat shock promoter increases nematode lifespan by 25% and is also able to enhance the lifespan of daf-2 mutants [11274053]. Worm +25
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