• name effect species mean median maximum
    COX5 deletion Disruption of the nuclear COX5 gene delays senescence, increase longevity between 7- and 15-fold (in 30 tested isolates) and the onset of senescence is not associated by accumulation of senescence-specific mtDNA molecules. COX5 deletion results in exclusive use of the alternative respiratory pathway and a decrease in production of reactive oxygen species and the prevention of the accumulation of several senescence-specific mitochondrial DNA molecules [10759557].
    COX1 deletion Deletion of mobile group II intron (intron alpha) from COX1 doubles lifespan and prevents accumulation of senescence-associated DNA concatemer corresponding to this of the mitochondrial genome [10330149]. Deletion encompassing COX1's intron alpha and its upstream exon abolishes the senescence process entirely [2999848].
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