• name effect species mean median maximum
    Methionine restriction A diet with reduced methionine content extends lifespan and increases body fat [15924568]. Mouse
    Intermittent fasting Intemittent fasting diet increases survivorship and improves insuli sensitivity of normal males, but fails to affect either parameter in GHRKO mice [19747233]. Mouse
    30% Dietary restriction 30% dietary restriction starting at 2 months of age increases overall, average, median and maximal lifespan. Knockout of Ghr failed to respond with lifespan extension to this regimen [16682650]. Mouse
    Dietary restriction on high-fat diet Dietary restriction on a high-fat diet increases both mean and maximum lifespan by 36% compared to the high-fate diet control group [22509016]. Mouse +36 +36
    Dietary restriction on low-fat diet DR under a low-fat diet increases mean and maximum lifespan by 20% and 25%, respectively [22509016]. Mouse +20 +25
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    Interventions are an extension of GenAge and GenDR.