• name effect species mean median maximum
    Heterozyogus Trp53 truncation mutation Mice heterozyogous for an allele of p53 that removes the 5' portion of the protein demonstrate decreased cancer, permature aging phenotypes, and shortened lifespan in the mixed inbred C57BL/6–129/Sv background. It has been proposed that the this allele of p53 results in increased activity/overexpression [11780111]. Mouse
    RPL31A deletion Deletion of RPL31A increases mean replicative lifespan by 45% [16293764]. Mean replicative lifespan increases by 35% in the alpha strain and 50% in a strain [19030232; 18423200]. Mean replicative lifespan of the RPL31A deletion mutant increases by 35% in the ORF collection and by 29% in the remade strain [22377630]. RPL31A deletion increases significantly replicative lifespan [17174052]. Deletion of RPL31A extends replicative lifespan and is not further extended by 0.05% glucose restriction [18423200]. Yeast +29 to +50
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