hsf-1 mutation

Species: Nematode (Taxid: 6239)
Factor: hsf-1
Manipulation: Loss-of-Function, Knockout, Mutation, Deletion

A mutant allele of hsf-1 slightly decreases lifespan under AL, but cancels out the lifespan extension effect of bDR. hsf-1 RNAi also prevents lifespan extension by bDR. Glucose or glycerol does not shorten the lifespan of hsf-1 mutants. Glucose treatment completely suppresses the long lifespan caused by hsf-1 overexpression [19883616]. sDR extends the lifespan of hsf-1 mutant with a premature stop codon, that eliminates activation domain, and that of wild-type to a similar extent [19239417].

  • 19239417: Different dietary restriction regimens extend lifespan by both independent and overlapping genetic pathways in C. elegans.
  • 19883616: Glucose shortens the life span of C. elegans by downregulating DAF-16/FOXO activity and aquaporin gene expression.

  • Aging Relevance Analysis/Source:
  • GenAge
  • GenDR

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