COX1 deletion

Species: Podospora anserine (Taxid: 5145)
Factor: COX1
Manipulation: Loss-of-Function, Mutation, Deletion

Deletion of mobile group II intron (intron alpha) from COX1 doubles lifespan and prevents accumulation of senescence-associated DNA concatemer corresponding to this of the mitochondrial genome [10330149]. Deletion encompassing COX1's intron alpha and its upstream exon abolishes the senescence process entirely [2999848].

  • 10330149: Mitochondrial group II introns, cytochrome c oxidase, and senescence in Podospora anserina.
  • 2999848: A 1100-bp sequence of mitochondrial DNA is involved in senescence process in Podospora: study of senescent and mutant cultures.

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