2-MEA treatment

Species: House mouse (Taxid: 10090)
Manipulation: Diet Intervention, Drug treatment

Addition of 1% by weight 2-MEA to the diet of male LAF mice, started shortly after weaning, increases average lifespan by approximately 30%, but does not extend maximum lifespan [5723482; 11795501].

Addition of 2-MEA to the maternal diet of female mice increases the lifespan of male and female offspring by 15 and 8%, respectively [Harman & Eddy, 1979; 11795501].

Addition of 2-MEA of an antioxidant mixture containing ethoxyquin and 2-MEA to the diet of dietary restricted mice shortens lifespan approximately 20% [2394907].

Mean: +30

  • 11795501: Aging: overview.

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