AVT1 overexpression

Species: Budding yeast (Taxid: 4932)
Factor: AVT1

Overexpression of AVT1 prevents mitochondrial dysfunction, prevents alterations in mitochondrial structure and ΔΨ of aged cells even through the vacuolar acidity is reduced in these cells. AVT1 overexpression extends the mean, median and maximum replicative lifespan by 28, 28, and 22%, respectively [23172144].

Mean: +27.8
Median: +27.6
Maximum: +21.6

  • 23172144: An early age increase in vacuolar pH limits mitochondrial function and lifespan in yeast.

  • Aging Relevance Analysis/Source:
  • GenAge
  • GenDR
  • Comparisons:
  • AVT1(OE) vs. WT : 27.8(mean) 27.6(median) 21.6(max) 0.00376(p-value)

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