Symbol: GH1
Name: Growth hormone 1
Alias: BOS_19247; GH; somatotropin
Entrez gene ID: 280804
Ensembl gene ID: ENSBTAG00000017220
Species: Cow
Stimulation of growth and proliferation


Transgenic mice overexpressing bovine GH1 are bigger than controls and display early onset of pathological changes in the kidneys such glomerulosis and glomerulonephritis as well as signs of premature aging such as a shortened lifespan, increased astrogliosis, shortened reproductive lifepsan and early onset of age-related changes in cognitive function, hypothalamic neurotransmitter turnover, and plasma corticosterone levels [14583653].

  • GH overexpression

  • Assays: Organismal Lifespan

  • Aging Associated
  • Gerontogene
  • Negative Gerontogene

  • References:
  • 14583653: Can growth hormone (GH) accelerate aging? Evidence from GH-transgenic mice.

  • Aging Relevance Analysis/Source:
  • GenAge
  • GenDR

  • Homologs
  • GH1 (9615)
  • GH1 (9913)
  • Gh (10090)
  • Gh1 (10116)
  • GH (9031)
  • gh1 (7955)

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