Table 2. First-order interactors of LAGs in the HLN regulate lifespan in C. elegans.

Study: Prediction of C. elegans Longevity Genes by Human and Worm Longevity Networks.
Species: Nematode
Assay: Organismal
Data: intervention;symbol;mean_extension;max_extension;function;extra
#background=N2 Bristol

C03C10.3(RNAi);rnr-2;14.2;21.7;DNA biosynthesis;b
R02D3.3(RNAi);R02D3.3;13.0;21.7;RNA polymerase II;
F10B5.6(RNAi);emb-27;10.5;8.7;Cell division;
T09B4.10(RNAi);chn-1;7.1;8.7;Ubiquitin ligase;
F26F4.11(RNAi);rpb-8;6.4;0.0;RNA polymerase II;b
F18A1.5(RNAi);rpa-1;5.1;21.7;DNA replication;
Y40B1A.4(RNAi);sptf-3;-22.9;-37.0;Transcription factor;
D1014.3(RNAi);snap-1;-39.9;-50.0;Vesicle fusion;
K02D10.5(RNAi);K02D10.5;-48.6;-72.0;SNARE complex;

# %D mean and %D maximum lifespan (last quartile) were calculated in relation to # control.
# Shared genes in WLN and HLN.
# doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0048282.t002
  • N2_Bristol_N2_Bristol
  • N2_Bristol_R02D3.3
  • N2_Bristol_F10B5.6
  • N2_Bristol_F29G9.3
  • N2_Bristol_T09B4.10
  • N2_Bristol_F26F4.11
  • N2_Bristol_F28D9.1
  • N2_Bristol_F18A1.5
  • N2_Bristol_C01H6.5
  • N2_Bristol_Y40B1A.4
  • N2_Bristol_ZK1058.2
  • N2_Bristol_C52E4.4
  • N2_Bristol_F26H9.6
  • N2_Bristol_D1014.3
  • N2_Bristol_K02D10.5
  • Comparisons:
  • R02D3.3 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • F10B5.6 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • F29G9.3 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • T09B4.10 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • F26F4.11 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • F28D9.1 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • F18A1.5 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • C01H6.5 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • Y40B1A.4 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • ZK1058.2 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • C52E4.4 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • F26H9.6 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • D1014.3 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol
  • K02D10.5 RNAi vs. N2 Bristol

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