Table 1. First-order interactors of LAGs in the WLN and HLN regulate lifespan in C. elegans

Study: Prediction of C. elegans Longevity Genes by Human and Worm Longevity Networks.
Species: Nematode
Assay: Organismal
Data: network rnai_treatment symbol mean_extension function

WLN T23D8.3 T23D8.3 25.7 Translation
WLN F37C12.9 rps-14 16.6 Translation
WLN T09A5.10 lin-5 16.4 Cell division
WLN/HLN C03C10.3 rnr-2 14.2 DNA biosynthesis
HLN R02D3.3 R02D3.3 13.0 RNA polymerase II
WLN F54E7.2 rps-12 11.6 Translation
HLN F10B5.6 emb-27 10.5 Cell division
WLN F09F7.3 F09F7.3 8.1 RNA polymerase III
HLN F29G9.3 aps-1 7.9 Adaptin
HLN T09B4.10 chn-1 7.1 Ubiquitin ligase
WLN C38D4.3 mel-28 6.5 Cell division
WLN T20B12.8 hmg-4 6.5 Transcription elongation
WLN F35G12.10 asb-1 6.4 ATP synthase
WLN/HLN F26F4.11 rpb-8 6.4 RNA polymerase II
HLN F28D9.1 rsr-1 6.1 Splicing
WLN ZK1067.1 let-23 5.6 EGF receptor
WLN C47D12.2 C47D12.2 5.5 Unknown
WLN K10B3.7 gpd-3 5.3 Glycolysis
HLN F18A1.5 rpa-1 5.1 DNA replication
HLN C01H6.5 nhr-23 4.9 Molting
HLN F31D4.3 fkb-6 2.4 Immunophilin
WLN F43E2.7 F43E2.7 2.4 Mitochondrial carrier protein
n/a Control n/a 0 n/a
WLN R144.2 R144.2 -18.9 mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation
WLN K07D4.3 rpn-11 -19.3 Proteasome
WLN B0285.1 B0285.1 -22.2 Kinase
HLN Y40B1A.4 sptf-3 -22.9 Transcription factor
WLN R13G10.1 dpy-27 -23.5 Condensin
WLN W07B3.2 gei-4 -27.0 Filament regulation
HLN ZK1058.2 pat-3 -28.1 Integrin
HLN C52E4.4 rpt-1 -28.4 Proteasome
HLN F26H9.6 rab-5 -38.0 Endocytosis
HLN D1014.3 snap-1 -39.9 Vesicle fusion
HLN K02D10.5 K02D10.5 -48.6 SNARE complex

#Postdevelopmental inactivation of 377 first-order LAG interactors in the WLN and HLN identified
#104 candidates that conferred an increase in survival, and 55 a decrease. To subject candidates
#to a more rigorous assessment of lifespan, 60 candidates (48 long-lived and 12 short-lived)
#were inactivated postdevelopmentally in an enhanced RNAi mutant, eri-1. Survival was scored
#on alternate days and significance was determined by Kaplan-Meier analysis with a threshold of
#p<0.05. Our analysis confirmed the phenotypes of 33 new regulators of longevity, 22 that
#increase longevity and 11 that shorten it, listed here with their network association (worm or
#human longevity network), gene identifications, percentage change mean lifespan in
#comparison to an empty vector RNAi control, and functional annotations. Annotations suggest
#that these genes contribute to diverse biological functions, such as translation and energy
#metabolism, disruption of which is strongly associated with longevity extension and endocytosis,
#which has been identified as a requirement for lifespan extension downstream of insulin/IGF-1

ID exp ctr Manipulation intervention mean median max pvalue T Gender epistasis

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