Collaboration Health Extension Media Responses And Outreach

Involved Labs/Organisations (1): International Longevity Alliance
Participating Members (2): Jason Xu, Hank Pellissier

Analyse and systemize Health/Longevity Media Responses. We need to keep track of the information that is broadcasted to the public and guarantee that it is positively interpreted and understood. Create a portal that Links in all the different URLs and enables even laymen to be up-to-date on anti-Aging breakthroughs.

Outreach to promote Longevity Research via creation of postings and news on various places. o


  • Ageless Woman
  • Gen FoxO und der Traum von der Unsterblichkeit
  • Google Alerts
  • Immortality: What will be some interesting side effects of living forever?
  • Mark-Age - How to define human biological age
  • Pursuing eternal youth
  • Reasons to go beyond biological life extension
  • Solve for X
  • SuperLongevity Institute
  • Synthetic Biology Nanotechnology And Life Extensio
  • Top 10 Ways You Could Live Forever
  • Why do we die of old age?
  • Why do we die?

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