Denigma references all information very accurately. A reference is commonly a scientific article.

Specifically Denigma's References is an online reference management system for collaborative efforts which enables organising, searching and co-annotating papers.

It enables to store, organize, and more effectively search annotated data of biomedical literature on aging-related topics.

One of its ultimately aims is to a evolve into a resource which Denigma provides a corpus that aids to generate predictions and discovery implicit relationhips via machine learning and logical inference. o

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    Kennedy BK et al., 1995 Mutation in the silencing gene SIR4 can delay aging in S. cerevisiae. 1995-02-10 7859289
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    Ruiu G et al., 1995 Apolipoprotein E allele frequencies in an Italian population: relation to age and lipid profile. 1995-08-01 8541369
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