Role of CBP and SATB-1 in aging, dietary restriction, and insulin-like signaling.

Authors: Zhang M; Poplawski M; Yen K; Cheng H; Bloss E; Zhu X; Patel H; Mobbs CV

Abstract: How dietary restriction (DR) increases lifespan and decreases disease burden are questions of major interest in biomedical research. Here we report that hypothalamic expression of CREB-binding protein (CBP) and CBP-binding partner Special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1 (SATB-1) is highly correlated with lifespan across five strains of mice, and expression of these genes decreases with age and diabetes in mice. Furthermore, in Caenorhabditis elegans, cbp-1 is induced by bacterial dilution DR (bDR) and the daf-2 mutation, and cbp-1 RNAi specifically in adults completely blocks lifespan extension by three distinct protocols of DR, partially blocks lifespan extension by the daf-2 mutation but not of cold, and blocks delay of other age-related pathologies by bDR. Inhibiting the C. elegans ortholog of SATB-1 and CBP-binding partners daf-16 and hsf-1 also attenuates lifespan extension by bDR, but not other protocols of DR. In a transgenic Abeta42 model of Alzheimer's disease, cbp-1 RNAi prevents protective effects of bDR and accelerates Abeta42-related pathology. Furthermore, consistent with the function of CBP as a histone acetyltransferase, drugs that enhance histone acetylation increase lifespan and reduce Abeta42-related pathology, protective effects completely blocked by cbp-1 RNAi. Other factors implicated in lifespan extension are also CBP-binding partners, suggesting that CBP constitutes a common factor in the modulation of lifespan and disease burden by DR and the insulin/IGF1 signaling pathway.

Keywords: Aging/*metabolism; Animals; CREB-Binding Protein/genetics/*metabolism; Caenorhabditis elegans/genetics/metabolism/*physiology; Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins/genetics/metabolism; Insulin/*metabolism; Longevity/genetics/*physiology; Matrix Attachment Region Binding Proteins/genetics/*metabolism; Mice; Polymerase Chain Reaction; RNA Interference; *Signal Transduction/genetics/physiology
Journal: PLoS biology
Volume: 7
Issue: 11
Pages: e1000245
Date: Nov. 20, 2009
PMID: 19924292
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Zhang M, Poplawski M, Yen K, Cheng H, Bloss E, Zhu X, Patel H, Mobbs CV (2009) Role of CBP and SATB-1 in aging, dietary restriction, and insulin-like signaling. PLoS biology 7: e1000245.

Study Lifespan Factors:
  • daf-2 abnormal DAuer Formation 2

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