In-Silico-Approaches and the Role of Ontologies in Aging Research.

Authors: Fuellen G; Boerries M; Busch H; de Grey AD; Hahn U; Hiller T; Hoeflich A; Jansen L; Janssens GE; Kaleta C; Meinema AC; Schäuble S; Schofield PN; Smith B; Sühnel J; Vera J; Wagner W; Wönne EC; Wuttke D; Simm A

Abstract: The 2013 Rostock Symposium on Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in Aging Research was again dedicated to dissecting the aging process using in silico means. A particular focus was on ontologies, as these are a key technology to systematically integrate heterogeneous information about the aging process. Related topics were databases and data integration. Other talks tackled modeling issues and applications, the latter including talks focussed on marker development and cellular stress as well as on diseases, in particular on diseases of kidney and skin.

Journal: Rejuvenation research
Date: Nov. 6, 2013
PMID: 24188080
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Categories: Ontologies, Aging

Fuellen G, Boerries M, Busch H, de Grey AD, Hahn U, Hiller T, Hoeflich A, Jansen L, Janssens GE, Kaleta C, Meinema AC, Schäuble S, Schofield PN, Smith B, Sühnel J, Vera J, Wagner W, Wönne EC, Wuttke D, Simm A (2013) In-Silico-Approaches and the Role of Ontologies in Aging Research. Rejuvenation research.

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