Association of the K153R polymorphism in the myostatin gene and extreme longevity.

Authors: Garatachea N; Pinós T; Cámara Y; Rodríguez-Romo G; Emanuele E; Ricevuti G; Venturini L; Santos-Lozano A; Santiago-Dorrego C; Fiuza-Luces C; Yvert T; Andreu AL; Lucia A

Abstract: The myostatin (MSTN) gene is a candidate to influence extreme longevity owing to its role in modulating muscle mass and sarcopenia and especially in inhibiting the main nutrient-sensing pathway involved in longevity, i.e. mammalian target of rapamycin. We compared allele/genotype distributions of the exonic MSTN variants K153R (rs1805086), E164K (rs35781413), I225T and P198A, in Spanish centenarians (cases, n = 156; 132 women, age range 100-111 years) and younger adults (controls, n = 384; 167 women, age <50 years). No subject of either group carried a mutant allele of the E164K, I225T or P198A variation. The frequency of the variant R allele was significantly higher in centenarians (7.1 %) than in controls (2.7 %) (P = 0.001). The odds ratio of being a centenarian if the subject had the R allele was 3.48 (95 % confidence interval 1.67-7.28, P = 0.001), compared to the control group, after adjusting for sex. The results were replicated in an Italian cohort (centenarians, n = 79 (40 women), age range 100-104 years; younger controls, n = 316 (155 women), age <50 years), where a higher frequency of the R allele in centenarians (7.6 %) compared to controls (3.0 %) (P = 0.004) was independently confirmed. Although more research is needed, the variant allele of the MSTN K153R polymorphism could be among the genetic contributors associated with exceptional longevity.

Journal: Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
Date: Jan. 29, 2013
PMID: 23354683
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Garatachea N, Pinós T, Cámara Y, Rodríguez-Romo G, Emanuele E, Ricevuti G, Venturini L, Santos-Lozano A, Santiago-Dorrego C, Fiuza-Luces C, Yvert T, Andreu AL, Lucia A (2013) Association of the K153R polymorphism in the myostatin gene and extreme longevity. Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands).

Longevity Variant Associations (p-value):
  • K153R (0.001)
  • K153R (0.001)

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