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Denigma is the digital Enigma destined to decipher biological phenomena. All information of an organism is encoded in its genome and can be decrypted via the combined effort of humans and machines. For this, Denigma was build for. Specifically, Denigma is a web intelligence which employs the increasingly computational power to decode the enigmatic secrets of life.


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has a

A relationship where one object (composited object) "belongs" to (is part or member of) another object (composite type).

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The Dashboard is there to give a quick overview of current main activities on Denigma.


  1. 3D Structures for Lifespan Factors (accomplished)
    1. Add unique identifier for small components
    2. Include structures for small molecules
    3. Enable multiple structures for a factor if available
    4. Set up auto-update functions to keep structures up-to-date.
  2. Mailing List (accomplished)
  3. Showing recent Database updates on Home site
  4. Collaboration features: Longevity Chats, Tasks, Quests, Videos.
  5. Genes app. Genes Interactions Visualizations and Search.
  6. Lifespan App redesign and Tutorial about how to use it
  7. Discovery Discussion and immediate formal Integration *
  8. Page viewing statistics (Google statistics, aggregation) (accomplished)

* If there are new discoveries they somehow need to be quickly discussed and the basic message behind the discovery needs somehow to be formalized in a formal way. For instance new Lifespan Factors.

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