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Data Unification

The way Denigma unifies data has multiple purposes. One is to separate the actual content of a data entry from its presentation (Principles).

Denigma strictly separates data content, control and presentation. So you have one data entry which can be rendered in various forms like html, pdf, Word document, presentation, etc. and therefore put into various contexts in a highly efficient way.

In a data entry, the reference library and the in text citations will be able to automatically update itself. It was prototyped and it works very well. In such we do not have to bother much with the actual formatting of the references and can concentrate on making discoveries.

Another important reason is to enable logical inference later on via machine learning. Denigma will become a kind of web intelligence and learn from what you teach it.


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belongs to

The belongs to is the reverse of the has a relationship and definies that a certain data entry is a subcatgory of another one.


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