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Denigma expressions is there to integrate transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics expression changes with the use of the powerful concepts of molecular Profiles and Signatures, Set Theorie (i.e. Intersections) as well as sophisticated Meta-Analysis.


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is part of

Objects can be constructed by combining them with each other (e.g. mitochondria is part of the cytoplasm and an organelle membrane is part of the organelle). The part of entry can be inherited (e.g. cytoplasm is part of the cell, therefore mitochondria are also part of the cell).


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The Integrator is the implementation of Denigma's integration protocol. Biological information is distributed among numerous databases, hidden in the literature and web as well as in the minds of scientists. The integrator executes a universal unification schema. Integration can be executed in two fashions. One is implicit, the other is explicit, i.e. mapping discrete biological entities to class-based programming objects. In such data is put together into a conceptional logic which is much more then the sum of its components.

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