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A Workshop for teaching Idea Generation Techniques need to be initialized.

  1. We organize a workshop for 4-40 people.
  2. Idea generation technique will be presented to people. They will learn a new thing that might be useful for their professional development (30 minutes for that).
  3. We split attendees into small group. Each group would have 1-2 hours when they will try to apply the technique generating ideas (use cases). Both they and us would benefit from that
  4. Each group will present own ideas. While listening to Presentation of other Groups, People will comment increasing the overall pool of ideas.
  5. We analyze the Ideas (may be with some people willing to help us)
  6. We write a report and open it to the World.

We benefit from

  • use-cases,
  • a case for Open Distributed Science we can use in the Funding Proposal
  • more activate People and may be new members

The participates

  • will learn a useful technique for Idea Generation
  • add to Aging Research (and have positive emotions about that
  • get familiar with new People
  • have slightly stronger community

Similar an Ontology Development Workshop can be organized.

Topics are suggested which are related to either Aging Research or Information Technology. Participations will be go through Ontology Development Process and in the end of the Workshop an useful Ontology should be initialized.

Such Workshops should preferable by organized next to natural environments as this increases the Creativity.

For this one need an Organization administrating these kind of Activities. The Participants themselves can enter the Organization and seed additional Workshops if they like. In this way it may propagate like a chain reaction.


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