Unified Formula

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From a given Knowledge Base a Unified Formula can be derived.

Knowledge Base:

(∃X) g(X)
(∀X) g(X) → h(X) v i(X)
(∃X) g(X) ∧ k(X)

Prenex Normal Form:

(∃X)(∀Y)(∃Z) ( g(X) ∧ ( ¬g(Y) v h(Y) v i(Y) ) ∧ ( g(Z) ∧ k(Z)) )

Clausal Form:

The Variable Z has to be replaced by a function depending on the Variable Y: (f(Y))

{{ g(X)}, {¬g(Y), h(Y), i(Y)}, {g(f(Y))}, {k(f(Y))}}

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