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What does it mean to represent Information correctly?

Machines usually extract the text of web pages and try to guess what is meant with each term. However there are several possibilities because the sense of many terms is not unique and therefore the Disambiguation Problem need to be solved. The Disambiguation Problem tries to first tries to generate all possible candidates that can be meant be a given term. Even it has the mapping from the term to the Semantic Entity more information about this entity is required. The entity belongs to (is member of) a Class which can be itself a subclass of another (Class membership):

Entity is a Class

Class is subclass of Parent Class

On the other hand it is also possible to denote more information. For instance, a person has a birth place which can be generalized as all person must have some birth place. From this it can be deducted that an instance of a term which is a birth place of a person must be an instance of a place:

Hevok is a Developer is subclass of Person has birth place North Rhine Westphalia
  | is a         | is a                | is a                      | is a
Entity has class Class is subclass of Super Class has birth place Place

Information of knowledge is given by Properties that instances of class members have as well as by Relations of different Classes. This is the way how information on knowledge is represented.


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