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RDFa Lite reuses exisiting Attributes:

  • vocab
  • typeof
  • property
  • resource
  • prefix

First we need a Vocabulary to talk about Things

<p vocab="http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/"
    prefix="ov: http://open.vocab.org/terms/"
    resource="#Daniel_Wuttke" typeof="Person">
    My name is <span property="name">Daniel Wuttke</span> 
    you can give reach me on <span property="resource">Denigma</span>.
    <img property="img"
        src="http://dgallery.s3.amazonaws.com/daniel_peace.jpg" />]
    My preferred beverage is 
    <span property="ov:preferredBeverage">Green Tea</span>

If one wants to talk about something one has to use a vocabulary, which is devoted with the vocab Attribute. Behind the vocab Attribute one gives the Name of the Namespace one wants to use. The vocabulary will be first there because it defines and gives us the possibility to encode specific Properties. Next one has to define the thing one is talking about. If one for instance is talking about persons one includes within the tag of a paragraph what comes in the paragraph will be about Person. For this the Attribute typeof is used and set to Person which comes from the Vocabulary foaf. The next thing one can do is to use Properties. All the Properties that have been defined in the Vocabulary.

Besides the Information that is shown in the Web Page which is Plain Text, one has the RDFa Information from which RDF can be extracted in a simple way inside the Attributes. This is not visible on the Web Page in the Browser, but on the other hand whenever one tries to read the HTML Source Code of an Application, one is able to extract the RDFa Information and one will get easily RDF processed out of that.

  • We can create Identifiers for the Things we are talking about

  • If the Vocabulary is not sufficient to describe all Properties, we can use additional Vocabularies by using Prefixes

Next, one can create an Identifier of a Resource. The Resource always refers to the base URI of the Web Page and then one can address this resource from anywhere else. So the Resource is made dereferencable. One can talk about This Resources, e.g. it is a Person that as several Properties, and it is encoded inside the HTML Page.

Sometimes one need more than one vocabulary, which is a problem with Microformats, but with RDFa one can simply define Prefixes as used to define in RDF and then one can also using Prefixes]


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