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Query String Extension enables more complete Search Results. One can somehow extend the Query String which is useful as traditional Keyword-based Search does not deliver all Search Results that are relevant for a Query simply because Synonyms, Metaphors or anything might be used to describe Content. So one can extend the Original Query with Terms that stem for example from Dictionaries or Thesauri. One can use Synonyms that come from a Dictionary, one can use Hyponyms which are some specialization of Terms and one can connect the original Terms with them. One can also make use of Domain Ontologies where one can find Meronyms, so parts of the Object or related Concept or use these terms to extend the Query String with a simple OR combination.

So one can simple loop up in the Dictionary what else, what Labels do one has, what Synonyms and Hyponyms and one simple add them to the Query String to get more complete Results where one is also able to find Results where these words are located. This is not a complete Semantic Search, but a simple extension of the Keyword based Search Process with Semantic Technologies that are based simply on Query Extensions.

  • Keyword-based Search does also deliver Search Results that are not relevant for a Query, because query terms and Document Terms might be ambiguous.
  • Refinement of the original Query String (Query Refinement)
    • from Dictionaries and Thesauri
      • disambiguate polysemic Terms with Hyponyms
    • from Domain Ontologies
      • disambiguate polysemic terms with Holonyms

Original Query String: Bank

Possible Extensions: Bank ∨ depository financial institution ∨ credit union ∨ acquirer ∨ federal reserve ∨ ...

increase recall


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