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OWL is a Markup Language and not a Description Logics. Therefore one has Notation for OWL. Notation means that one has several Syntax Variants for OWL. OWL 2 has a Functional Sytnax which is easy to define, where no restrictions are given by RDF, which is rather compact. RDF and XML Syntax are both based on the RDF serialization of RDF, but they are a little bit complicated and difficult to read when it comes to complex Knowledge Bases. The Manchester Syntax is somehow compatible to other Knowledge Represent ion Languages. It is a Machine-Readable Syntax especially developed for Ontology Editors. The Turtle Language is most simple for RDF. On the one hand OWL is short and efficient to write in Turtle, which means on does not need to write so much characters and the Knowledge is represented in a more compact form. On other hand Turtle is easy to understand.


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