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Around the Ontology Development there are a bunch of Support Activities. One of them is the Knowledge Acquisition. Knowledge Acquisition is important because one wants to represent the Knowledge within a Domain or an Application inside the Ontology. Therefore one has to Interview all the Domain Experts that are Specialists and Experts in the Domain and get the Knowledge from them that one later on puts into the Conceptualization, the Knowledge Representation. Knowledge Acquisition is one of the most important Activities.

When one gathered the Knowledge and build up the model, one has to define Steps of Evaluation, which means in each step of the Development process one has to define how to evaluate the Ontology one has already developed and how to make sure that this developed Ontology really fulfills all Prerequisites.

So one has to somehow consider the Quality and one does this be developing Evaluation Methods.

Then there is the point where one might Reuse already existing Ontologies which is the Activity of Integration. There one could so that one might use this or the other Ontology for the Problem.

In the end it can be mandatory to combine several newly developed or already existing Ontologies and to merge them. So Merging is also a rather important Activity, where one constructs a new Ontology from already existing Ontologies within a specific domain where the Ontology should be developed for.

Even more there is Alignment, so if one is using several Ontologies one has to map the Knowledge between them. Therefore one need mapping Rules where one has to design and apply Mapping tools for the involved Ontologies that one designated in Ontology A some Class denotes the same as Class B in another Ontology. So to enable this kind of Communication and Knowledge transfer, thus one has also to consider this Ontology Alignment Activities.

Of course one has to think also about Documentation which is always necessary whenever one develops a huge Ontology that covers a large and complex Domain, so each step in the Ontology Development must be accurately documented.

During the Development Cycle which is an iterative Process one has to consider Configuration Management to manage all Versions of Documentation and also development Ontologies, so that it is possible whenever one made a mistake to switch back to an older version and then somehow remove the mistake and things like that. So Configuration Management is overall also an important Task.


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