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Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of the regular agencies. For effective lobbying it is crucial to first set goals and objectives. Actions for the near term and long term need to be defined. In any case it is important to make friends with everyone who is influential.

The International Longevity Alliance is the only organization that goes to all the individual governments and demands on anti-aging research and longevity promotion.

The aim is to support more effective research on anti-aging pro-longevity. We need to form a coordination Expert group and start building connections. An ILA lobbying group should also get along with researchers that are not yet involved.

The objectives need to be tailored to individual countries (e.g. India, China, USA, EU, Russia may have different priorities as agendas). However, people at University (those that do research) are all the same everywhere.

Agendas that are consistent with promotion of health shall be supported, but we should never forget our main goal to counteract Aging.

A protocol for effective lobbying shall be established.


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