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According to the Linked Open Data Rating/Criteria, oo make Data available on the Linked Open Data Cloud there exists a five star rating system [].

On the Web - Publish Linked Open Data means to make it public under the Creative Common License and on can add up to five stars depending on which way one makes the Data available. The first stars requires only make something available on the Web with an Open License.

Machine-Readable Data - This has by definition nothing to do with Linked Open Data, but it is Open Data in that sense. If this Open Data is not only text but also Machine-Readable Structured Data, for example an Excel Spreadsheet instead of an Image Scan of a Table, then it gets already two stars.

Non-Proprietary Format - However Excel is a proprietary Format. If one publishes in a non-proprietary Format, for instance simple CSV Format instead of Excel, then one has three stars.

RDF Standards - Moreover if one uses the W3C Standards which means RDF and SPARQL, then one will get four stars.

Linked RDF - The most important part is when one links the Dataset to other Datasets in the Linked Data Cloud, then one gets the final fifth star.

  • Public Linked Data Resources in the Web, licensed as "Creative Common CC-BY"
  • 5-star Criteria for Linked Open Data []
    1. Available on the Web (whatever Format) but with an Open License, to Open Data
    2. Available as Machine-Readable Structured Data (e.g. excel instead of image scan of a Table)
    3. as (2) plus non-proprietary Format (e.g. CSV instead of Excel)
    4. All the above plus: Use Open Standards from W3C (RDF and SPARQL) to identify things, so that People can point at your stuff
    5. All the above, plus: link your Data to other People's Data to provide Context

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