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Linked Data Sources in the Web - Linked data can be found and published on the Web via at least three different means.

First thing is one can natively publish Linked Data with a SPARQL Endpoint with for instance and D2R-Service which is a Wrapper for a Database where one can put a SPARQL Endpoint onto a Database for example.

The other thing is that one can implement several different Wrappers around already existing Applications. There are for instance Exporters for Content Management Systems. There is also a RDF Book Mashup from the Amazon API and the Google Base-API. Those Wrappers translate common structured Data or APIs into the Semantic Web World and the Linked Data World.

One can look up information at the Linked Open Data Project, where one finds Information at the Semantic Web Eduction or the Outreach W3C working group. There one will find a Catalog of all known Resources of Linked Data that have an Open Source License.


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