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Head of laboratory – Gennadij M. Butenko, academician of NAMS Ukraine, corresponding member of NAS Ukraine and Russian AMS, two times recipient of the State Prize Laureate of Ukraine.

Laboratory has been created on 1976 after merging of 2 laboratories: Laboratory of pathophysiology (first head - first director of institute, academician M. M. Gorev) and laboratory of immunology (first head - MD, Prof. P.D. Marchuk). Laboratory is accredited for carrying out experimental and clinical investigations, including pre-clinical trials of drugs.

Main directions of our work: ∙ Investigation of age-associated immune system impairment, including the use of heterochronic chimeras and heterochronic parabiosis. During our experiments it has been observed that exposure of old systemic environment to young systemic environment causes age-associated changes in the immune and several other systems of young organism without signs of correction of aging in old organism. Currently we test the role of changes in peripheral lymphoid niche in age-associated dysfunction of immune system. ∙ Investigation of immunological mechanisms of development of age-associated bone tissue damage. Strong connection of changes in immune system and in state of bone tissue were observed in aged mice and women in postmenopausal period of life. ∙ Investigation of the role of blood and plasma factors (including the role of membrane microparticles and exosomes) in organism`s induction of age-associated changes in the immune system or its rejuvenation. Currently we conduct studies about the influence of plasma from old animals and its fractions on immune system of young animals and injections of plasma from young animals on the lifespan and immune system of old animals. ∙ Age-associated changes in the lymphoid niche function. ∙ The role of IGF-1 in skin wound healing in aged animals and in animals with diabetes melitus (in cooperation with EMBL). ∙ Gene polymorphisms and age-associated bone tissue impairment. ∙ Lifespan test on mice.

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