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A goal is the desired result of an intelligence or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve. It as a change of the state (from one to another). Each Project has to define a state that it aims to change as well as to declare what the new state has to be. This enables to define the necessary capabilities of the system under construction, which in turn would allow to select information systems and technologies for the following use and integration.

The Aging process is an enigmatic and Aging Research is currently chaotic. Denigma aims to decipher the Aging process via the collective and systematized efforts of humans and machines by building up together a Digital Decipher Machine. The new state would be a kind of Web Intelligence able to coordinate Aging Research for the sake of finding highly effective Interventions as fast as possible.

The Denigma Project defines clear short, medium and long term goals. The short term goal is to create a fully functional prototype. The medium term goal is to build up a community. The long term goal is to transform it together with other resources into a Game Changer.


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