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Can transhumans speed up the the overall aim of promoting longevity? A game changer would be the development of a framework that enables to distribute Research and fills this framework with knowledge. Research can be done not only in academia. It may be done in a school project. Proper Researchers will explain the methodologies.

Therefore, a game changer in fighting Aging is the development of Distributed Science, i.e. a semantic-based knowledge base that contains:

  • Scientific facts, experiment results, experiment descriptions
  • For a teenager to buy a few mice and run an experiment. Multiply it to a number of schools and teenagers. Crowdsourcing of valuable Research

We can develop such information system and only need to provide some initial methodologies to run some experiments. It would be able to gain support also from school teachers and transhumans groups. This kind of Crowdsourcing of Research material would be very crucial. Therefore, facts are:

  • It can be done
  • We will get support from teachers as well as transhumanists

Mathematically methods allow to group Research data and that result from a number and cases. One person test drug a, another drug b, another one test a and b and so on. The quality of Research is uncertain, but meta-analytic and logical inference will then be possible. It will also be still possible to run Semantic Queries on our knowledge.

If such a system is established, it would able to rapidly solve Aging.


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