Evidence-Based Science

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Scientist are addressing Big Data challenges using Denigma. Denigma utilizes Evidence-based Science to advance Biogerontology.

Scientist and Developers are training Denigma to retrieve and interpret laboratory results, clinical Research and Scientist notes, and using data on hundreds of thousands of Aging Experiments to put forward treatment suggestions and possible diagnostic observations.

The combination of transformational technologies with Aging Research and decision-making process has the potential to revolutionize the accessibility of information for the treatment of Aging. Ultimately it can be expected that this comprehensive, evidence-based approach will profoundly enhance rejuvenation Research by accelerating the dissemination of practice-changing Research at an unprecedented pace.

The system does not tell Scientists what to do. Rather, the system provides a number of options for each case, backed up with supporting evidence, which Scientists can use to come to faster and hopefully more beneficial decision to advance anti-Aging Research.

Denigma is a Digital Enigma that processes information and fills in the gaps of human thought. It does not the do decisions for Scientist, that is the Realm of the Researchers, but brings the information that Scientists want to have anyway to make better decisions. Asking Denigma a Query provides the different answers Denigma comes up with. Denigma does not come up with one answer, but rather than with multiple answers and each of those answers has a certain confidence level. If there is a Research question there is usually not a single hypothesis explaining this, rather than there are several explaining the observed phenomena. Some of those are more likely while others are less likely to be true.

Denigma's capability to analyze huge volumes of data and reduce it down to critical decisions points is absolutely essential for our ability to improve humans ability to have effective therapies and actually disseminate that information to the world.


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