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Designator != Designatum

The Presentation, it means the so called Designator of the Object/Web Page is not the Object itself. Therefore, there is Difference between the real Object, the so called Designatum and the Thing that represents the real Object, the Designator.

However, it is possible to talk about the real Object simply with the help of a Representation.

The Web Page describes (designates) the real Object.

The real Object is described (designated) by the Web Page.

The distinguishing characteristics of [Information] Pesources is that all of their essential Characteristics and can be conveyed in a message. - W3C: Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One

  • A Resource can be described (designated) via Metadata
  • Even if the resource itself cannot be delivered from the Web server, probably its Representation might be available that describes the Resource sufficient.

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