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Data Credits are the foundation of an economical model of the future world. It adds another dimension to Denigma - Economics.

There is an advantage of a system that uses some kind of social capital based on Data Credits.

Data Credits gives one access to more parts of the system. All the data of the resource should be generally be open and accessible for everyone, but having gained Data Credits may also grant an individual access to certain functionalities and analysis tools (e.g. Deciphering Algorithms).

It is similar to tactic games where one need to accumulate some kind of resource to buy new things and unlock technologies as well as similar to role-play games where one need to level up and unlock skills, etc.

Also every Individual has a personal Knowledge Base that is a sub part of the whole Knowledge Base, receiving access to annotated papers via Data Credits would mean that it is automatically added to her/his own Knowledge Base.

Therefore, one can find resources in the Crowd who would do annotation. The major focus is to how to motivate these people to annotate this data. Data Credits are the solution to this problem. Specifically the idea works as follows. One annotates an Article. If one annotates an Paper, s/he gets "Data Credits" and can further see these Credits to access annotations done by other people. Now s/he can Query this and another few Articles. If s/he wants to Query more - s/he has to annotate more. Data Credit may be spend for other things as well. Also there would be different ways to earn Data Credits, for example through validation of Annotations, through idea generation, through software development and other discrete activities related to data, information and Knowledge Management. One can even earn Data Credits by producing high-quality Media via Arts like Graphics at the interface of Nature Science and Information Technology that can used as Content within the System and overall makes the knowledge base more attractive, effective and interesting.


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