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We are mixing Chats and queries in combination with Graphs and Websockets for high efficiency Collaborations. Consider the following example. We are discussing Crowd Funding in the Chat and we want to load a Denigma Data Entry to let others see it: ``"denigma->collaboration->crowdfunding"```

Something like this typed in the Chat and all participants see this page being loaded. Of course some auto-suggestions should be made, to make it easy for users, like in Interactive Development Environments (IDEs).

So we can also set Chat-Channel by its absolute url:

http://denigma/chat/anton/daniel (for chat between two)

http://denigma/chat/semantic-web/ (for a group chat it needs a name)

A chat can be made either open for everyone, or closed to only a specific circle and require invites by chat members.

The Data Unit loading functionality suggested above may also be used to make a presentation in front of all chat members (there a Data Unit may represent a single slide or the whole presentation which is divided into Sections).

Disclamer: the URLs above are not working, they are made up for illustrative purposes!

Loading Data Units should be fast. That is way websockets should be used. XMPP maybe added later (so that Facebook Chats may be redirected).

This neglects the unstructured Skype and Facebook Chats where you have to always go between chat and web-browser to watch something or make notes and also have history problems.

Theoretically it should be possible to import Data Units from any other resources. Lets assume the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) also uses Data Units. So we can load for instance: "longevityalliance->projects->*"

This would provide a universal Data Unit retrieval Query. This idea is great because it is like in Programming where you have a namespace and you are just importing variables from a library/module.

This maybe a usecase for hypergraphs, because of traversals and schemaless data. If we add Data Entry creation without page reloading, users will not only Query but also create some Relationships and other data on the fly. At the same time there is a lot of work with JavaScript/Coffescripts and websockets here.

To quickly construct a graph from a bunch of Data Units: "from Denigma import Data Entries where Text contains Aging"

Alternatively a shorter Query is also possible: "Denigma.All.*Aging*"

If Natural Language Processing is integrated queries can be made just how you like and a kind of interpreter generates the final actual Query from user input like: "give me all Data Entries from Denigma".

For the first attempt it shall be focused on the shortest Query and most simplest to implement.


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