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Autophagy (self eating) is a catabolic Process that recycles cellular structures like proteins, lipids as well as compartments via the Lysosomes.

Autophagy is an essential mechanism protecting Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) from metabolic stress. Mouse HSCs, in contrast to their short-lived myloid progeny, robustly induce Autophagy after ex vivo cytokine withdrawal and in vivo Dietary Restriction [23389440].

Foxoa3 is critical to maintain a gene expression program that poises HSCs for rapid induction of Autophagy gene program [23389440].

Ongoing Autophagy is needed to mitigate an energy crisis and allow their survival. Autophagy is essential for the life-long maintenance of the HSC compartment and for supporting an old, failing blood system [23389440].


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