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The aim and scope of the Global Computing Initiative is following:

  1. An R&D on team & task management for dynamic and distributed development of semantic web services design and development.
  2. A framework for semantic web services design and development.
  3. Development of semantic web services for longevity research and development of technologies for radical life extension
  4. Participation and support of longevity Research and development of technologies for radical life extension.

The first point is critical for the whole endeavor, the second point is critical for third and fourth, where the third is critical for the fourth. However, as this are enormous Goals, a top-down approach to design is not recommended. Therefore a bottom-up - one case after another - would allow to actually develop something of small/medium size in a reasonably time.

Regardless of this, the first month of two will be spent on studying existing Projects as well as formulating ideas for each of the four points. This time will also be spent on testing and selecting various technologies: selecting databases, libraries, semantic architectures and languages.

Point one is about how to organize the project effectively from a logistic viewpoint (multiple people with different interests, various tasks of different kind, issues with quality, etc.) as well as creating tools for collaboration. Point two is about establishing a general conception of the ideas. Third point are actually use cases and the last point is about its application to have an impact in the field.

In general the first phase will be centered on exploring existing resources and formalizing ideas as well testing implementations to all those 4 points.

Ontology and special semantic functions are the major differences between generic and Aging-related system. The major part of Ontology could be reused in different bioinformatics Projects. We will classify the individual terms in the ontology as general and domain specific. This means both ontology and knowledge base may be reused form already existing projects. We mus separate different parts into Open Source Projects so that Developers will may fork them and contribute even if their focus is far from defeating aging.


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