Aging Reverse Engineering

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In order to create an unifying conceptional framework for Aging Research, we are constructing a new concept of the Semantic Web. We are building on the top of other domains, especially those in regard to biology and engineering. For example we are learning from the numerous biomedical ontologies as well as ISO 15926 as they did a lot of work regarding Ontologies.

Three steps are necessary:

  1. Treat a living object as an engineering object instead of a living one. Which means each Ontology should be designed for a particular semantic processing.
  2. Create an Ontology that allows to combine smaller knowledge-bases, in other words, to have some sort of meta-ontology.
  3. Define many models and the ways how the combine these models (like AtlanMod group is doing).

We need to move from low level semantic triples (e.g. RDF elements) to semantic Templates and Patterns. Template is a some sort of a primitive agent - has own internal logic, it consumes input data and does some action (data transformation or initiation of another action), while Pattern produces new knowledge - a standard complex semantic query.

The first point means the work should be case-based. The second and the third points mean that while it is case-based, and if a case is on the system level, we also should think about at a super-system level - how these case-based systems can be combined with each other.

  1. We are treating organisms as machines which can be reverse-engineered, then we are doing SENS.
  2. We are building an Ontology to classify all the resources and Datasets on Aging as well as all the necessary web technologies.
  3. We will try many different models and apply natural selection, but we will also enable to convert any good format into another via a unification concept. We will also take advantage of the well established Semantic Web Standards and provide conversions into them and vice versa.

In our vision Ontology Engineering shall be as easy as just witting English text with some standardization and become even as simple as a visual attractive computer game, so that even kids can grasp the Concepts quickly.


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