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An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a snapshot of an EC2 instance. It allows AWS users to rapidly create copies of a known-good configuration, making scaling and test environments very easy.

There is a Denigma Developer AMI which includes all the prerequisites for working on Denigma, including a copy of the source code.

To use the Denigma AMI:

0.) Sign up for an AWS account [].

1.) Once registration is complete, go to the EC2 tab [].

2.) In the left-hand rail, click AMIs.

3.) Type "Denigma" in the search box and select "Public Images" from the dropdown. This should return one result, AMI ID ami-c66ffbf6

4.) Right click on the AMI and select "Launch Instance"

5.) Click continue several times, unless you want to change any of the setup options like region, etc. Eventually you'll get to the Create a New Keypair step. This is required for SSH access to your instance. Follow the on-screen instructions.

6.) Once you've created and downloaded your keys, the next screen will have you create a security group. Create a group with the following rules:


Port (Service) Source



Port (Service) Source

22 (SSH)

80 (HTTP)

443 (HTTPS)


7.) Click launch instance.

Congratulations, you now have a Denigma development environment. Once your instance launches, you'll be able to connect to it via SSH, either using the AWS interface, or from your own stand-alone SSH client. The keys you created during instance setup will provide SSH access.

When you connect to your instance for the first time, a git-configured copy of the Denigma source will be located at /workspace/denigma/ It is not guaranteed to be up to date, so you'll probably want to do

git pull --rebase

This will get you the latest copy of the Denigma code.

In order to push code to Denigma, you'll need to configure your user name and email:

git config --global YOUR_NAME

git config --global YOUR_EMAIL

To run Denigma, simply go to /workspace/denigma/ and run the following commands:

source env/bin/activate

python runserver

From there, you should be able to access your own copy of Denigma by navigating to the public DNS of your EC2 instance (which you can find on the EC2 dashboard), e.g.

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