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Digital humanity is Research, teaching, and creation concerned with the intersection of computing and the disciplines of humanities. It developed from the fields of humanities computing and embraces a variety of topics ranging from curating online collections to data mining large Datasets. Digital humanities incorporates digitized and born-digital materials and combines the methodologies form traditional humanities disciplines as well as social science with tools provided by computing (like Data Visualization, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Statistics, Computational Analysis) and Digital Publishing.

Digital humanities is related to longevity Research through a higher-level Concept - Transhumanism.

Aging Research is performed in various Projects having weak data-information-knowledge connections, which result in a number of problems. For example it is very difficult to have a big picture of longevity Research.

Researchers dealing with the various aspects of Aging do not have any coherent way to discuss these pieces of Research in relation to each other. There is no means to make a big picture.

Aging was analysed on multiple levels (biochemistry, cellular mechanisms, on the level of tissues and on the level of the body, etc.) and various Interventions tested. These lead to the increasing accumulation of large amounts of data which is difficult to relate to each other, because they do not understand abstracts that allow to do it.

Denigma is a Digital Decipher Machine that provides an editing engine and various presentation formats to process large amount of complex information about processes (biochemistry, aging, etc.) and structure (the body and cells of an organism). It is a crowd-sourced enabled and machine complemented Ontology Engineering platform.


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