Digital Decipher Machine

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The Denigma Project develops a Digital Decipher Machine for Aging/Rejuvenation Research. It is a novel Concept superior to the Semantic Web idea.

Research on extending the Lifespan on the whole globe has challenges in software engineering and managements. Each Research Entity provides many information (discoveries). For each discovery they need an information system. And now multiply it to a number of states the Research Entities operates on. They need to manage at least a few hundreds of thousands of Entities.

Denigma provides a platform for design and development of information systems and a standard design for Research discoveries. All the requirements, its components, representation, domain models and Entities are defined with Data Units.

Researchers which are interested can simply access a knowledge base and adapt as well as modify its Content/Design for own purposes.


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Denigma -is a-> Digital Decipher Machine

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