Curing Cancer

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Cancer is function of Aging and its elimination is necessary for achieving longevity. Different experimental approaches can highly effectively cure or at least regress defined types of Cancers.

Dr. Stephen Coles is an important Leader of Aging Researcher who suffers Cancer []. It need to be identified how best to cure Cancer. Fundraising shall be initiated via Crowd-Funding to exemplify that the cure of Cancer is possible and rescue one of the worlds most crucial Aging Researchers [].

Champions Oncology offered their help to achieve this great goal. Today they initialized experiments with mice to test for possible treatments and started a Campaign together with the International Longevity Alliance to Cure Cancer entirely.

One can help in two ways:

  1. There is the possibility to fund for a customized treatment [].

  2. Identify Oncologists in your country and let them get in touch with us to help curing Stephen Coles.


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