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The Purpose of Denigma project is to construct a digital decipher machine to reverse engineer the Aging process. It is a kind of platform to build machine learning algorithms on top of it.

It is also a professional website, highly data-driven and dynamic which focuses on defined functions. It systemizes information on Aging and applies decipher algorithms** on that data.

Everything on Denigma is documented from the very beginning very deeply. Denigma is strictly DDD (Documentation-Driven Development). Every step, design decision and change is very well documented right from the start. every problem encountered and solution found is documented. The Denigma documentation was than moved onto its own database. The Data Entries are there for constructing a sophisticated ontology which goes by far beyond the gene ontology. There is no Forum, although there is a demand to make something alike to have place for developer to discuss informally.

On Denigma everything in biology is mapped onto models and object-orientated classes. A model is just a database object. Some things are difficult to be modeled win classical graph and may require hypergraphs.


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