Personalized Medicine

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Personalized medicine is an extension of the traditional medical approaches in which decisions, practices are tailored to the individual patient by the use of large-scale biomarkers and omics data.

The ever increasing advances in health care technologies allow to personalize the treatment of patients.

Several repositories are emerging which cover static, longitudinal, and real-time data.

Create a portal that can take input data from companies/projects on personalized as well as lifestyle/health/phenotype data and real-time exercise, therapy/treatments/supplement/nutrition data. It should be able to take in and crunch data specifically for the purposes of elucidating lifespan and healthspan biomarkers and what is associated with health, slow aging, reversing aging, superlongevity, etc.

This objective may involve the creation of a platform for running quantified self (QS) experiments and focus conversation around real-time data and datasets that might be interesting and put it into a game-like context but for longevity.

In such it would be great ways to actually see what effect different things actually have on humans in context of aging.


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