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Titles are catholic christian nominations given for your artistic skills. They loosely follow the '`catholic church hierarchy'`_. Religious titles are used because arts is a spiritual path. If you create media such as images, animations, sounds, videos, etc. for Denigma, you are able to obtain a higher title. For getting a higher title your media have to be voted as aesthetic by other users. ¶
Images for instance can be submitted and found in the Gallery and be voted as well as the respective places in Denigma. ¶
As higher your title is as more you can dictated the overall style of Denigma, i.e. which color sets and themes have to be used for certain sections of Denigma. ¶
It is possible that the hierarchy of title is extended to also include the honorifics of other religions. ¶
.. catholic church hierarchy: &para]
.. spiritual path: &para]
.. honorifics of other religions:

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