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The Gerontology Ontology (the Ontology for Aging and Longevity, GERO) is an ontology formalizing the conceptualization of the basic aging process and therefore makes aging machine-understandable. The ontology of the gerontology is a mid-level ontology for supporting aging-related research that is able to connect phenomena from molecular and cellular level via the phenotypical level up to the social and demographic level.

Following the role model of the Infectious Disease Ontology, a species-independent mid-level ontology will be constructed, from which species-specific ontologies can be derived from (e.g. GERO-Mouse, GERO-Human, etc.).

GERO aims at joining the OBO community and applies the principles for ontology development of the OBO Foundry [].

To join the mailing list of this project, please send a mail to gero[at]

Contact person: Daniel Wuttke, University of Liverpool, age[at]

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