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The Gerontology Ontology (the Ontology for Aging and Longevity, GERO) is an ontology formalizing the conceptualization of the basic aging process and therefore makes aging machine-understandable. The ontology of the gerontology is a mid-level ontology for supporting aging-related research that is able to connect phenomena from molecular and cellular level via the phenotypical level up to the social and demographic level. ¶

Following the role model of the Infectious Disease Ontology, a species-independent mid-level ontology will be constructed, from which
Sspecies-specific ontologies can be derived from (e.g. GERO-Mouse, GERO-Human, etc.). ¶

GERO aims at joining the OBO community and applies the principles for ontology development of the OBO Foundry []. ¶

To join the mailing list of this project, please send a mail to gero[at]

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