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We need to know every factor which determines lifespan. ¶

Lifespan factors often but not always originate from defined genetic elements. They are not just genes, by definition they can be anything for which a Classifications schema can be build that is related to the regulation of lifespan, such entities may include
Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism, transcript variants, proteins and their complexes, compounds (i.en. small molecules like metabolites and drugs), etc. It shall be highly flexible and scalable. ¶

While individual lifespan factors within each species or
a precise defined molecular entities shawill be captured within Lifespan App, Ddata entries of the Data App may summarize for instance the relevance of each factor class (e.g. a homologous group; a chemical gderoupivate of related structure and properties, etc.) as well as draw overall conclusions. ¶

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