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Denigma supports multiple markup languages, notable both Markdown and reStructuredText (reST), which have inherently some incompatibilies.

Pandoc can be used to convert Markdown into reST, e.g. with and online convert at However such a procedure is not necessary.

The best practice is to always start using the common denominators of both. In such a conversion from a simple Markdown entry into a full reST data entry can occur instantly.

Emphasis & Examples

Common inline markup is::

Mark *italic text* with one arterisk, **bold text** with two.
For ``monospaced text``, use two "backquotes" instead.

Mark italic text with one arterisk, bold text with two. For monospaced text, use two "backquotes" instead.

Code/Console Blocks

A normal paragraph ending with :: will flow and be word-wrapped::

If the next paragraph is indented by four or more spaces it will be
monospace, without flow (or even wrapping in some non-printing cases.)

Multiple paragraphs like this, are possible, as long as they are all
intended by the same amount.

Line Blocks

If line breaks need to be preserved, but without monospacing them each line can be started with a vertical bar (|): This is only correctly interpreted by Markdown if each line is ended with three whitespaces.

| nice
| great
| -- each line is
| where it has to
| be


Compatible syntax for hyperlinks is to surround URLs with angle brackets and found at Downloads work the same way well Even emailing works, can be send at Downloads work the same way well Even emailing works, can be send at

At Denigma alternatively URLs can be surrounded by square brackets [].

The use of URLs directly has the advantage that a human reader can always copy and paste the URL.

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